Episode 11: Clovis Heimsath, FAIA

Episode 11, an interview with Austin architect Clovis Heimsath, FAIA is now available on iTunes. Below are some additional links to Clovis’ work:

Heimsath Architects Website

Studio HAI Website

Clovis Heimsath at Wikipedia.org

Books by Clovis Heimsath

Reprinting of an article by Clovis Heimsath in a 1969 Edition of Better Homes and Gardens.


Episode 10: Kelly Wendt

Episode 10 of the ATX Architects Podcast, an interview with photographer Kelly Wendt is now available on iTunes.

Below are some links to her online outlets.

Kelly Wendt Photography Website

KWP Facebook Page

KWP Flickr stream

Episode 9: Naomi Brown-Smith

Episode 9: Naomi Brown-Smith, costume designer and interior designer is now available. You can find the show at iTunes or at our website.

We talked about a lot of fun stuff, listen, like us, follow us. Below are links to some of the projects we discuss during the show.

All You Can Dream trailer

Touchback trailer

Spartan YES! music video

Let’s Review Shall We?

Let’s review shall we?

So we podcast now. You can here it here.

Some times its difficult to talk about creative work without seeing it, but we’ve done pretty well so far. I think that’s because we try to talk about the designers rather than talk about the design, but there will come a time when we have to have a visual outlet for our listeners to make sense of the show.

Might be the youtube channel. I’ve talked in the past about doing a slide show style video with the podcast as voice over.

Could be that we start doing video podcasts, those are gaining in popularity.

Could be that we should focus on architecture and less on a radio show.

Decisions, decisions.

Podcasting: The Not Even Remotely Final Frontier

It’s official, ATX Architects, The Podcast available here and now and at a podcast directory near you.

It’s not a new idea, but I hope we’re going to bring something new to the field of podcasts about design. Most design podcasts feature very stuffy, very (let’s face it) boring conversations about topics that the casual podcast listener finds hard to relate to. Our idea is that by talking to designers about designers we’ll be able find ways to make issues of high design more accessible.

So give the show a listen, if you’re an architect, designer or artist in Austin, contact us, we’d love to have you on the show.

And so here we are, Podcasting: The not even remotely final frontier.