Pragmatic Tuesday: Waterproofing

Every body knows the three rules of retail: location, location, location; but have you heard the three rules of waterproofing?

Shingle, shingle, shingle.

In this case we don’t mean shingle the noun, we mean shingle the verb. Shingling means overlapping construction elements in such a way that the element above overlaps the element below. When building elements are applied to the building’s exterior in this way water is more likely to run down and off your building rather than finding a place to sit, settle, and infiltrate the building exterior.

And this rule doesn’t just apply to your roof. Your siding should be shingled, the flashing that tries to waterproof intersections between building materials or geometries, the trim around doors and windows should all be shingled where possible.

For more information check out this great article from PBS television’s Hometime program.


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