ATXA website goin’ mobile.

Does any industry have consistently worse web presence than architecture? According to a non-scientific survey ATXA has been compiling over the years: no. Many architects’ websites are entirely flash dependent, very few architects bother with dedicated mobile sites, and some Pritzker Prize winners do not even have websites.

Architects love these flash-y (that’s a pun) websites, check out Archdaily’s article here.

Last year an organization you’ve never heard of might have reported that almost 25% of all online activity took place through mobile devices. At the current rate of growth of mobile devices this means by May of this year over 18 billion people will go online through iPhones alone.  (Okay maybe not 18 billion, but  a lot.)

Mobile devices are becoming more popular every day and ATXA is responding. Our mobile site can be accessed by clicking ‘mobile site’ through our primary home page, or directly at


Here we are…

ATX Architects. It’s a thing. It’s totally a thing.